The Feldenkrais Method

Positive change begins at the intersection of awareness and exploration. The Feldenkrais Method teaches you how to observe your own unique habits of movement, and how to change them. The Feldenkrais Method® is practiced in group classes called Awareness Through Movement®  (ATM), or in one-on-one sessions known as Functional Integration® (FI).

What is Functional Integration?

When we first meet, it’s usually for a specific reason. For some, it’s discomfort or pain from surgery or an injury; for dancers, musicians, and athletes, it’s often a desire to refine or improve their performance; for still others, such as writers and office professionals, it’s a yearning to understand their own bodies after years of “living in their heads”.

How you experience life inside your body is unique to you. So, we start there, using our time together to observe how you move, just as you are. We find words to describe what that feels like. Through a sequence of small, gentle movements, we will explore: What habits of movements aren’t serving you? Where can you do less, not more? In this way, we’ll gradually build your awareness, and invite other possibilities for moving with greater ease and efficiency.

I work out of the Balance Art Center in Manhattan: 151 West 30th Street (6/7th ave), 3rd floor

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What is Awareness Through Movement?

In Awareness Through Movement classes, you’ll be guided through a sequence of small movements designed to increase awareness of your own body, and improve your coordination. We explore the way in which body parts communicate with one another. How do the ankles and knees affect the sensations in the lower back, for example? How does the movement of the eyes influence discomfort in the neck or shoulders? For most people, the answers are surprising! But more importantly, the answers are a new beginning. From here, you’ll begin to unravel habits that have long stopped you from experiencing your best body.

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Who was Feldenkrais?

The Feldenkrais Method ® was developed by Moshe Feldenkrais (1904-1984), an engineer, physicist, and judo master. Unable to walk for several months following a knee injury, Feldenkrais refused the recommended surgery (amputation and a prosthetic), and sought instead to improve his own understanding of human function. The processes that he developed, Awareness Through Movement®  and Functional Integration®, synthesize principles of physics, body mechanics, neurology, martial arts and psychology.  One of the central tenets of his work is that awareness is necessary to create change.

What I’m after isn’t flexible bodies but flexible brains. -Moshe Feldenkrais