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I’m a Guild-Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner, choreographer, and performer with 20 years of experience in dance and somatics. My work has been presented by The Chocolate Factory, Dance Theater Workshop, Danspace Project, Fondation Beyeler, Indianapolis Museum of Art, and Raketenstation Insel Hombroich, among other venues. I’ve had the great fortune of performing for many artists with different backgrounds and aesthetics: from Marina Abramovic’s durational work to Steve Paxton’s pedestrian scores, from Kathy Westwater’s somatic investigations to Ursula Eagly’s performances that require direct manipulation of the viewer. As a teacher, I have helped professionals all over the world to prepare for rigorous performances that last weeks, months, and sometimes years. In my own choreography, I use Feldenkrais principles and strategies to help the dancers remain injury-free while meeting the physical demands of each work.

Feldenkrais has been an essential part of my life since 2006. I completed the 3.5 year Feldenkrais Practitioner Training Program, directed by David Zemach-Bersin at the Feldenkrais Institute in 2009. In 2017, I completed the 18-month post-graduate Feldenkrais practitioner training program: Ideal Organization and Profound Strength (IOPS) Academy directed by Jeff Haller.


I've had lower back pain on and off for years, and I've gotten skilled at coping with it through different forms of movement and bodywork, all of which have offered me relief and paths toward healing. But working with Rebecca is different. After several lessons, I became able not only to treat the pain, but to actively intervene and stop it before it starts. I have learned to recogize the habits I have that create this pain in the first place--and to bring them under my conscious control. I am reacting no longer to pain, but rather to my personal movement habits that cause pain; I am learning to stop creating pain before it starts. It's thrilling to feel this agency and to see the light at the end of the tunnel! -Ursula

Rebecca has an innate ability to know exactly what to say—and how to say it in a simple phrase, a single sentence, or a few words—words that resonate and in so doing, teach, for days after. Long after a class is over, the learning for her students continues.   -Beth

Rebecca’s class is such a wonderful addition to my life! Her guidance through a lesson unlocks so much curiosity and self-discovery. Rebecca's instructions are clear and her voice is so soothing that I have always ended her class feeling inexplicably relaxed and with a heightened awareness of my body, its patterns, and its potential. -Mihn

Rebecca taught me to approach my chronic pain through the pursuit of pleasure. Now, I’m curious and patient about pain, not fearful.  -Perry

Working with Rebecca has been one of the best things I have done for my body (& mind!)  Her classes were so enjoyable and nurturing that I was surprised by how effective they were in reaching my goals—my flexibility, balance and co-ordination have greatly improved.  Rebecca gently reminded me to let go of self-criticism and striving and instead focus on "pleasure, comfort, ease" which has helped me immensely both in movement and life.   -Samantha